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Wishing you a great holiday and travel experience in Turkey 2010

Top Tens of Turkey

Top Ten Travel Tips for Turkey

1- Visa requirements vary from country to country.
Check if you need a visa by calling your local Turkish Consulate.

2- Learn some Turkish before you arrive. Check
out our Top Ten survival phrases for a head start.

3- Change money at exchange offices as they
usually offer a better rate, longer hours and faster service than banks.

4- Bargaining is only practiced in touristic places.
When bargaining, check the average price of the item

in several places. Try and negotiate the price down
by 15-20% of the average price.

5- If you are happy with the service in your
restaurant, taxi, hotel or any other service, a tip
of 10-15% is an appropriate way to show your

6- Taxis, as in all countries, ask a rough estimate of
the fare before you travel. Ask the driver to use the
taxi meter and check your change carefully.

7- Most people including the Turks drink bottled water.

8- On the subject of drinks, Raki is the national drink
in Turkey. It looks like water but is 45% alcohol.
Don't drink Raki like beer.

9- Public telephones have three different systems;
phone cards, tokens and credit cards. Phone cards
and tokens are sold at Turkish Telecom offices.
Tokens are called "jeton" in Turkish.

10- When visiting a mosque, dress modestly and
take off your shoes before entering. Women may
be asked to wear a scarf on their heads.


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