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Top Tens of Turkey

History of Turkey

Chronological History of Turkey

C 10500-7000 BC Cave Dwellings at Karain - Old Stone Age.

C 7000 BC - First Settlement at Hacilar, earliest evidence of agriculture - Neolithic Period.

C 6500-5500 BC - Catalhoyuk becomes first cultural center earliest known religious shrines, pottery, frescoes in Anatolia.

C 3000 BC First settlement of Troy.

C 2000-1900 BC Hittites establish their capital at Hattusa and extend their rule over central and western Anatolia. First written history.

C 1100-1000 BC Aeolian and Ionian Greek colonies settled along the the Aegean Coast.

C 700 BC Birth of Homer in Smyrna (Izmir) Rise of the Lydians.

667 BC The city of Byzantium (Istanbul) is founded.

561-546 BC Reign of Croesus of Lydia.

546 BC Persia defeats Croesus, begins domination W. Anatolia.

C 484 BC Herodotus is born in Halikarnassus (Bodrum)

334 BC Alexander the Great invades western Anatolia .

133 BC The Attalus III, last king of Pergamum bequeaths his kingdom to Rome.

41 BC Anthony meets Cleopatra at Tarsus.

40-56 AD Missionary journeys of St. Paul. Followers of Christ are called Christians for the first time in Antioch ad Orontes.

313 AD Christianity becomes state religion of the Roman Empire.

395 AD Division of Roman Empire, Constantinople (Istanbul)
becomes the capital of East Roman Empire.

1071 AD Selcuk Turks defeat Byzantines at the battle of
Manzikert and become the dominant power in Anatolia.

1096 AD
First Crusade of Latin Armies invade western and southern Anatolia.

1204 AD Latin Armies of Fourth Crusade sack Constantinople.

1453 AD
Ottomans, under Mehmet II conquer Constantinople. The city was renamed Istanbul and became the Ottoman capital.

1520-1566 Reign of the Suleyman the Magnificent, height of the Ottoman Empire.

1699 AD Treaty of Carlowitz; Ottomans lose many central European territories.

Turkey enters World War I as ally of Germany.

1915 Turkish forces led by Mustafa Kemal repel allied landings at Gallipoli.

1919 Italian forces occupy Antalya and southwest Turkey. French troops occupy Adana and southeast Turkey. The Greek army occupies Izmir and western Anatolia.

1920 Establishment of Grand National Assembly of Turkey by Ataturk.

1919-1922 Turkish War of Independence. Greeks and Allies have been defeated by Turks and leave Anatolia.

1922-23 Treaty of Lausanne establishes sovereignty of Modern Turkey, The Turkish Republic was proclaimed and Mustafa Kemal ATATURK becomes the first President.

1923-1938 Social and Economic Revolutions by Ataturk to modernize Turkey.

1946 Turkey becomes charter member of the UN.

1950 Turkey enters Korean War as part of the UN forces.

Turkey joins NATO.

1980 Military intervention to stop growing violence
and anarchy in Turkey, led by Kenan Evren, Chief of National Security Council and General Staff .

1982 The new Constitution is approved by great majority in a public referendum.

1989 Turgut Ozal is elected President.

1995 Turkey signed GATT agreement with EC and is
presently an associate member of EC.

2009 Abdullah Gul is the current President of Turkey.

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