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Top Tens of Turkey

Turkish  and Tea

Top Ten Drinks in Turkey

1- Tea, served in a small tulip shaped glass, black with sugar.

2- Turkish Coffee, dark, strong and sweet.

3- Raki, Turkey's national drink. A strong spirit made of grapes and flavored with aniseed. Served neat or with cold water and ice.

4- Ayran, a salty yogourt drink. Very refreshing on hot days.

5- Orange Juice, freshly squeezed from locally grown oranges.

6- Apricot Juice

7- Wine, Turkey has a long history of vineyard cultivation and wine production. Evidence indicates that the Pre-Hitites produced wine 3000-4000 BC and called it "VINO." Today production is centered in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Central Anatolian regions. Turkey produces some good red and white wines. Doluca and Kavaklidere are leading brands.

8- Boza, a thick winter drink made from bulgur wheat.

9- Sahlep, a hot, sweet winter drink made from powdered orchid root.

10- Ihlamur, a herbal tea made from dried lime flowers.


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