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Top Tens of Turkey

Archaeological Glossary

Acanthus - Herbaceous plant with prickly leaves. Popular motif in architectural decoration.

Agora (Roman Forum) - an open area for informal public assembly; also market place

Amphora - Two-handled vessel for transport of oil and wine.

Apodyterium - Changing room in a Roman Bath.

Atrium - Small entrance court of Roman House.

Caldarium - Hot room in Roman bath.

Cella - Sacred inner room (of temple, tomb, etc.)

Colonnade - Series of columns with entablature along building or street.

Flute - Vertical channel in the surface of a column.

Frigidarium - Cold room in a Roman bath.

Hamam - Turkish bath house.

Hippodamian Plan - City plan allegedly invented by Hippodamus of Miletus, characterized by regular, parallel streets intersected by other streets at right angles.

Hypocaust Heating - System first used by the Romans to heat the floors in bath buildings by generating and circulating heated air beneath them.

In situ - In its original place.

Narthex - Shallow entrance hall of ancient Christian / Byzantine basilica or church.

Necropolis - Burial ground or cemetery.

Palaestra - Place of exercise, especially in gymnasium.

Pediment - Triangular structure over a building facade, window, niche etc. containing sculpture.

Polis - City state.

Tepidarium - Warm room in Roman Bath.

Toga - Loose outer garment worn by adult Roman males.


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