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Wishing you a great holiday and travel experience in Turkey 2015

Top Tens of Turkey

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Rent a Car Turkey and Car Rental Companies
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Before you rent a car in Turkey, please read these carefully;

Road Signs: Turkish road signs conform to the International Protocol on Road Signs. Archeological
and Historical sites are indicated by brown signs.

Traffic Circulation:
Traffic circulates on the right
and the Turkish Highway code is similar to that of
other European countries. There is a 50 km/hr
speed limit on urban centers and 90 km/hr limit
outside urban areas. There is no need to obtain
an international license to drive in Turkey for short periods. Your local drives license is sufficient.

Petrol: Filling stations are well placed; many of
them also contain restaurants that are open 24
hours. Unleaded petrol is available at most stations.

Rent a Car Companies in Turkey

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