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Wishing you a great holiday and travel experience in Turkey 2009

Top Tens of Turkey

Buying Real estate property in Turkey

Top Ten Tips for buying Real Estate and
Property in Turkey. Dealing with estate
agents, brokers or consultants in Turkey.

1 - Visit as many real estate agents or brokers as
possible in Turkey to get an idea about properties
in the market and prices.

2 - Consult foreigners who are currently living
in Turkey and hire a real estate consultant if

3 - After the sale, make sure the property is
transferred to your name and you receive a
land registry certificate.

4 - Don't rush your decision, take your time and
do your research !

5 - Find out who built the property and ask for credentials and references. Find out about
warranty coverage, if available, what does it cover?

6 - Check how noisy or busy the place is in summer
and in winter (or how quiet).

7 - Find out how close the property is to public transportation and amenities ?

8 - Don't be afraid to negotiate for a fair deal.

9 - Check electricity and water supplies. Find out
about trash collection!

10 - Sun.... find out which direction the property
faces and make your decision accordingly.

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