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Top Tens of Turkey

Christ in St Sophia Church Istanbul

Top Ten Important sites from Christian History

1- Hagia Sofia Church

The great masterpiece of Byzantine art. It was built by Justinian in 6th century and dedicated to Divine Wisdom,
an attribute of Christ.

2- Caria Church

Built around 8th C and famous
for its mosaics and frescoes depicting the lives of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary.

3- St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas was born in Patara,
Turkey in 4th C and served as a
bishop in Myra. The church was built around 11th century.

st nicholas  demre Turkey
4- St Peter's Church

It is located in Antioch the Orontes, the famous ancient city and place where, according to tradition, the word "Christian" was pronounced for the first time.

5- Ephesus

One of the Seven Churches of Revelations and where St. Paul stayed and preached. Here was held the 3rd Ecumanical Council.

6-House of the Virgin Mary

Tradition says that St. John brought the Virgin Mary here after the death of Jesus. Pope John Paul II visited the site in 1979.

7- Cappadocia Region

A beautiful landscape in Central Turkey famous for it's rock formations and fairy chimneys. Large numbers of rock-cut churches dating from the 4th-12th C AD.

8- Pergamum

One of the Seven Churches of Revelations and it was a Roman
administrational center. St John
characterized Pergamum as Satan's throne in (Rev2:12-17)

9- St. Peter's Castle

It was built by the Knights of Rhodes in 15th C AD as a stronghold in Bodrum. The building material was taken from the Mausoleum, the one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

10- Sumela Monastry

It is perched on a cliff in the Altindere National Park. Monastry was founded by 2 monks from Athens in 4th C. The buildings date back to
12th C AD.

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