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Wishing you a great holiday and travel experience in Turkey 2009

Top Tens of Turkey

Hi! Visitor

Maybe, you are from UK? or maybe from Malaysia or Japan or any other country.. who knows..
but, for sure, you are from this world!!

Fom wherever you are looking at our guide, please be our guest.. and feel free to enjoy it.

This journey has begun in 2002 Vancouver, Canada, has been 8 years already since we have first launched

We still have the same passion and the excitement to inform you about Turkey.

Modern Turkey, where east meets west, an
outdoor museum and a great holiday destination.

A unique country which offers its visitors a rich
and diverse history, beautiful beaches and nature, holiday resorts, wonderful cuisine and world famous
Turkish hospitality.

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the
most popular travel destinations. In 2009, Turkey
welcomed approx. 23 million visitors from all
over the world.

We prepared to make your
trip to Turkey easy and enjoyable. We know that
when preparing to travel, visitors can be faced
with a great amount of information.

In this guide we have selected important Top Tens of Turkey including museums, attractions, travel tips,
Turkish Cuisine, Drinks, Souvenirs, Turkish
survival phrases, cities etc.

Contrary to traditional travel guides, we tried to
provide the information in a quick and simple way. Each top ten list has been created by the editor and within each list, all 10 are in the editor's
opinion, of equal importance.

Travel to Turkey becomes even more fun and rewarding when you use our guide.
provides you with useful links, an archaeological column and also gives you a chance to share experiences with others.

We are pleased to offer you a chance to win a
Travel Guide Book
by entering our bimonthly
book draw. Don't miss this opportunity !

We hope you enjoy our guide and have a
wonderful trip to Turkey!

Best Regards,

Subutay Erer
Editor and Official Tour Guide, Licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey

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