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Wishing you a great holiday and travel experience in Turkey 2009

Top Tens of Turkey

Archaeology Turkey

Top Ten Archaeological sites in Turkey

1- Ephesus

One of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world, dating
back to 12 C BC. The City was an important trade and religious center in antiquity.

2- Pergamum

It is an acropolis. The city was
an administrational center
during the Roman period and
was also famous for its library.
Physician Galen was also born here.

3- Troy

Troy is one of the most famous cities in history. It dates back to 4th millenium BC. Homer first mentioned the story of Troy in the Iliad and Odyssey.

Troy Turkey
4- Commagene - Mt.Nemrut

One of the most spectacular sites in Turkey especially at sunset. Commagene Kingdom
was a strategic crossroad on the important trade routes between Syria, Mesopotamia and Rome.

5- Catalhoyuk

It is one of the most important Neolithic settlements of the world dating back 4th Millenium


The city was well-planned
and executed. It is a very good example of Greek Architecture dating back 7th C BC.

7- Uluburun - Kas

The Institute of Nautical Archaeology's (INA) shipwreck excavation in 1980s brought to light one of the wealthiest and largest known collections of Late Bronze Age items found in the Mediterranean.

8- Sardis

It was the capital of Lydia.
In the 7th C BC the Lydians invented the first coinage in history. The King Croesus controlled most of western
Asia Minor
in 6th C BC.

9- Hattusas - Bogazkoy

It was the chief center of the Hittite Empire. The principal Hittite inscriptions on 10,000 tablets were found here in
early 20th C.

10- Aphrodisias

The ancient city of Aphrodisias, dedicated to the goddess of
love Aphrodite. The City has
the best-preserved stadium
in Asia Minor.

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